Our Difference at PT Fitness Wodonga

Our Difference

Our key to success is our unwavering commitment to our diverse community. People experiment with various diets, eating plans, workout routines, and gyms but find it difficult to maintain consistency. Being a member of our supporting community is crucial to your long-term success with us!

We are realistic in our expectations and recognise that we are working with humans, not professional athletes. As a result, we understand life's challenges and are devoted to assisting you in overcoming them.

If you have trouble staying consistent and seeing long-term results, you must give us a chance, and the rest will be history.

We are proud:

Of our team - Our staff has grown to over 25 trainers that work full-time, part-time, and on the side, who are dedicated to each and every member, and embody the values that guide our gym.

Of our members - In just four years, we've grown to over 1,000 members. Our members accomplish incredible feats that they previously thought were unattainable. From marathons to casual runs, championships won and lost, and life-changing physical and mental breakthroughs, there's something for everyone. Every day, we pinch ourselves when we realise how many are achieving their objectives and motivating their friends and family in the process.