Personal Training

Our private sessions are tailored to suit your individual specific goals and needs. You will push through a session feeling fantastic and positive at the end.

We are able to tailor every session to suit each individual and their specific fitness goals. We specialise in providing support and guidance to increase performance for sports, increase strength, fat loss, toning and more.

We can also tailor workouts to suit all injuries and will support you on your health journey.

One on One

  • 30 Minutes $40
  • 45 Minutes $50
  • 1 Hour $60

2-4 on One

  • 30 Minutes $20 per person
  • 45 Minutes $25 per person
  • 1 Hour $30 per person

Personalised Program - $120

Our trainers can provide you with a consultation to assess your needs and goals, then provide you with a cardio or weights program to help you achieve them.