Joel O’Connell at PT Fitness Wodonga

Joel O’Connell

Joel is the heartbeat of PT Fitness.

Joel is a talented local sportsman who along with his wife Erika are committed to their Fitness. Joel is a great role model for many members of our gym and his family values fit PT Fitness perfectly.

While we are dedicated to making PT Fitness an "Experience" it is also very important to remember that our clients want results.

Joel is all over everyone's programming and is always studying new ways to change our offerings to keep members motivated and keep delivering results.
Jess Sawyer at PT Fitness Wodonga

Jess Sawyer

Jess has been super committed to PT Fitness now for over 3 years as both a Member and then a Trainer.

Jess is loved by everyone that comes in contact with her and she devotes a lot of time to make sure she delivers results both physically and mentally for people in her Group Classes and also in her One on One PT Sessions.

Blake Ayton at PT Fitness Wodonga

Blake Ayton

Blake is our young Golden Child after starting with us just over a year ago as a shy 18-year-old from Tangambalanga.

Blake has been taken under his wing by Joel so is learning from the best and Blake has since become one of the best trainers on the border in a very short time.

Blake is a great people person and has a great skill of ensuring every one of all fitness levels are getting through his sessions at the appropriate levels and achieving the outcomes they desire.
Mike Hook at PT Fitness Wodonga

Mike Hook

Mike is an instructor in the Defence Force and spends a few hours with us each week and has become one the most popular faces at PT Fitness.

Mike had a "Tough" reputation when he first started but members soon learnt to challenge themselves when in Mike's classes and now people being tested in his sessions.

Mike is by the book and likes to challenge his clients and test their limits in a safe manor.
Ella & Imogen at PT Fitness Wodonga

Ella Vandermeer &
Imogen Anderson

Ella & Imogen are our 1st Year Trainees.

Ella and Imogen are both currently studying year 12 at Wodonga SSC while also completing their Certificate III in Fitness with us.

The Girls are an asset to PT Fitness with their willingness to learn and get better plus their bubbly personalities add to the friendly environment and they are always busy making someone smile in the gym.

Marnie Jackson at PT Fitness Wodonga

Marnie Jackson

Our new trainee here at PT Fitness Albury Wodonga.
Leah Addison at PT Fitness Wodonga

Leah Addison

Leah is a recent addition to our team after 12 years of experience in Geelong including both working as a Trainer and also teaching Trainers while employed at the Victorian Fitness Academy.

Leah likes to push her clients in her Group Classes and make sure everyone gets their heart rate up.

Leah is a good sounding board for young Mums as Leah has had experience training regularly up to Child Birth and then also Post Pregnancy.
Hannah Pole at PT Fitness Wodonga

Hannah Pole

Hannah joined PT Fitness as a trainee after starting her fitness career in her hometown of Corryong.

Hannah quickly became a very dedicated and confident trainer and a great asset to our team.

She is doing a 2 year traineeship with us, and we believe she will become one of our key team members in a very short time.

Amanda Vogel at PT Fitness Wodonga

Amanda Vogel

Amanda’s love of fitness arose from being a regular attendee of our group fitness classes. Amanda gained so much knowledge from Joel and Jess that she decided to become part of the team.

Amanda sets an excellent example for our members of what a young, busy mum can achieve by making time for their health and fitness.

Dave & Vicki Cottee at PT Fitness Wodonga

Dave & Vicki Cottee

Dave & Vicki Cottee are two of the fittest and most enthusiastic seniors on the Border and every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:15 am they run a special class designed for seniors.

Many of the participants rarely miss a session which is a testament to the energy and friendliness that Dave & Vicki bring to each class.