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Workout of the Day

WOD is a term well known to CrossFit Fans.
The WOD session will cover a wide range of movements and training styles, with a focus on heavy weights, high cardio, high reps, as well as quick repetitions.

The sessions are suited to those of a higher fitness level or those that want to test themselves and will have 30 minutes to get the work done.
The workout will stay on a whiteboard all week for those members who may also want to do it in their own time.

HIIT Class - PT Fitness Albury Wodonga


High-Intensity Interval Training is a class that mixes high-intensity exercise with rest or lower intensity exercise.

Benefits include losing weight, burning fat, and building muscle.

Pilates Class - PT Fitness Albury Wodonga


Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength.

This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being.

Similar to Yoga, Pilates concentrates on posture, balance, and flexibility.

Core & Cardio Class - PT Fitness Albury Wodonga

Cardio & Core

Here is a way you can get your heart rate up while also focusing on often-neglected training exercises that work the full core including the lower back, abdominals, obliques, hips, and upper back.

Boxing Class - PT Fitness Albury Wodonga

Boxing & Conditioning

Boxing & Conditioning teaches basic boxing skills and techniques, designed to increase muscular strength and cardio endurance—the perfect boxing class to get shredded!

Boxing & Conditioning will include cardio and core strengthening exercises.
You will sweat like crazy, build a rock-solid core and burn hundreds of calories.

Guy Moon has over 30 years of experience and his class is one everyone should try.

PT Fitness Albury Wodonga

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is a great way to transform your body and get huge results, whether you’re an athlete or amateur, an expert, or just starting out.

It encompasses so much more than just lifting weights and focuses on a variety of tools to improve movement, health, and physical performance.

Benefits include strengthening muscles, injury prevention, better posture, and a better mood plus much more.

PT Fitness Albury Wodonga

Seniors Group Fitness

Our senior sessions include light weights and light cardio at a self-paced level. Participants are aged from 50 to over 80 years old.

Benefits include strengthening muscles and joints, disease prevention, lowering the risk of falls, improving mental health and well-being, better mental health, and improved cognitive function.

PT Fitness Albury Wodonga

Steady, Fit & Fun

This is a slower paced session with a combination of Lower Intensity Cardio & Strength designed for those on a lower fitness base or those carrying ailments that want to continue exercising without as much jumping and moving around as some of the other classes.
PT Fitness Albury Wodonga

Functional Strength

Functional Strength training focuses on exercising several muscles and joints together rather than working a particular muscle or group of muscles independently.

This results in an individual being able to perform daily activities with greater ease.

PT Fitness Albury Wodonga

Box Fit

Box Fit classes are full-body group workouts including a small circuit of boxing.
This is a great way to start a day with a solid workout and stress-reliever.

PT Fitness Albury Wodonga

Body Blitz

This class is a combination of all over Body Conditioning, Cardio and Abs set out in an interval-style training session.

It is always packed with variety and has a little something for everyone.

PT Fitness Albury Wodonga


A Bootcamp Session is designed to build strength and fitness through various types of exercises.

You never know what you are going to get and it’s always different.

PT Fitness Albury Wodonga


Tabata training breaks a workout down into clearly defined intervals – typically, 20 seconds of a push-it-to-the-limit exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest.

The session will lift your heart rate up pretty quickly, will help to burn fat, increase endurance and improve efficiency.

PT Fitness Albury Wodonga

Functional & Conditioning

Functional & Conditioning training consists of exercises that help you perform activities in everyday life more easily.

The exercises typically use the whole body — definitely multiple muscles — and emphasise the core.

PT Fitness Albury Wodonga

Bums, Tums & Legs

As the name suggests, a typical Bums, Tums & Legs session features a number of exercise routines that specifically target the abdomen and lower body. It’s a fantastic option for those who want to tone up.

While there can sometimes be a cardio element to the session, the main focus is very much on toning and tightening.